The team behind Tamerz got together over a lengthy period of time. Before John, I have proposed the idea to two other people, I knew personally. Sadly they were only driven by profit. After parting ways, I found John- he is both- skilled and motivated, a rare combination.
In the search for a community manager, John found Matt, who convinced us to move to Cardano and although I've never used Haskell, the warm welcome and a family-like community convinced us.
Along the way, we have made and probably will make a lot of mistakes, but after learning from them, we hope to be one of the few long-lasting projects, spanning strong community.

Design Tamer

John was always a passionate artist although for a long time he worked as a chef. Eventually, he decided to follow his dreams and quit cooking to become full-time graphical designer. After discovering NFTs in 2020, he made his very first project- "The Prisoner", which had 100 unique pieces. After working as a freelancer on many more, he met Filip earlier this year and decided to start Tamerz.
When he's not working on art-related projects he is producing beats for fun, singing, and making simple poetry.

Social Media Tamer

Matt has been involved with crypto currency since 2017 but more passionately NFTs in the last 18 months. His first CNFT purchase was a Cardano Bit (that was a fun mint) and has minted and sold a few doodles he has designed himself ‘The Doodle Life by MK’.
Outside of Crypto, he is a proud father of a gorgeous yet handful 2 yr old daughter.

Software Tamer

My name is Filip and for the longest time, I have been working in technology. I stumbled upon Blockchain in 2014, during the fall of the infamous dark-net markets, and have been following the space ever since. During the 2017 bubble I became interested in software development on-chain, and since 2018 I have been writing smart contracts for many different applications like Launchpads, DAO's, Exchanges and Drug authenticity tracking.
I first reached out to John, because I've got tired of rug-pulls, scams and money grabs. We agreed to try and start a high-quality, creative project, which won't dissapear after selling out, but will continue to innovate and create value for the community, which first believed in us.