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Exercise to Earn (X2E)

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Introducing world-first:

Exchangable traits

Single Tamerz NFT can hold multiple traits at the same time. You decide which trait to show in wallets. For example, you can have 4 pairs of glasses, but choose only the rarest pair to be shown in your wallet and on exchanges. Rare traits have higher earning potential on the X2E app and can be bought and sold with Tamerz Tokens (TT) on the in-app exchange.

Rent or buy Tamerz NFT

Only Tamerz holders can access the X2E mobile app.

Non-holders can rent a Tamerz NFT daily from the community through the in-app marketplace and earn Tamerz Tokens (TT).

How to earn Tamerz Tokens (TT)

Each calorie burned is multiplied by your Tamerz X2E score. The score is based on the number and rarity of traits your NFT has.

Each NFT has daily minimum calories to be eligable for X2E and similary, a daily maximum TT tokens can be earned.

Rare Tamerz NFTs have lower minimum and higher maximum, but earning power always be increased by buying new traits with TT.

Exercise with friends on Tamerz Social

Tamerz is all about different people having fun together. If you chose to do sport together with another Tamerz holder, both of you will receive TT bonus.

Tamerz holders can search for workout partners, chat and meet locally on the X2E app.

Buy new traits with Tamerz Tokens (TT)

New traits will be released weekly and can be purchased with TT on the X2E app.

Your Tamerz generates passive income daily

When not planing to exercise, rent out your Tamerz to non-holders and earn TT daily.

TT can be bought and sold on all major DEXs.

X2E App & TT Tokens

X2E will be released this winter on Android and iOS. It features marketplace for traits, community chat & activity tracker

Tamerz Tokens (TT) have limited 100 million supply. TT will be distributed over 10 years on X2E. Total yearly reward on X2E will half every year. Tamerz Tokens are not yet released.